Yarning about the Referendum

With the referendum date set for 14 October, it is important as Christians that we vote not according to our own fears or desires, or according to party political fears or desires, but in accordance with God’s desire. To do so it is vital that we hear from those who are most directly impacted by the result of the referendum, even while acknowledging that there is not unity. On 4 July our Bishop convened a webinar with the Rev’d Canon Aunty Phyllis Andy, the Rev’d Kathy Dalton, and the Rev’d Canon Associate Professor Uncle Glenn Loughrey to explore the context and perspectives for the referendum. This can be viewed on YouTube by following this link: youtube – watch, or searching for ‘Yarning About The Referendum’. On Sunday 24 September, after the 9.30am Eucharist, we will be screening this webinar in the church. It is 1.5 hours, and we are considering providing suitable refreshments if there is enough interest.