baptism-image-only-300x224Baptism is the way the church welcomes new members to God’s family. It marks the beginning of a new relationship between God and the person who has been baptised.

At one level, baptism involves the person (or their godparents, in the case of an infant or young child) making promises about living in the way God asks us to live, and indicating their belief in the faith of the church, as well as being ritually washed with water (through immersion or sprinkling). The sign of the cross is also made on the person’s forehead, and they may be anointed with oil.

At another level, the church believes that, through baptism and the work of God’s grace, sins are forgiven, and a new life in God begins.

The Anglican Church baptises people of all ages. A time of preparation and instruction is often needed. Baptism according to our ceremonies is normally accepted as valid in other mainstream churches.

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