Mission Group

The Mission Group is a dedicated group of parishioners who ensure regular contributions and correspondence are made with our parish partners in Mission activities throughout Australia and the world

Mission group meets at intervals throughout the year to collate parish donations and organise fundraisers and acknowledge the work of BCA-Bush Church Aid, CMS Church Missionary Society Australia and ABM- Anglican Board of Mission.


Please contact the church office to make contact with  our Mission Team

click on logo for link to our mission partners website:


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Drouin Parish supports our CMS link missionaries Tavis and Kate Beer and children in their work in central Australia.

Katherine is a town of about 10,000 people, located just over 300 kilometres south east of Darwin. It is the main centre for a 364,000 square kilometre region of about 60,000 people, of whom nearly two-thirds identify as Indigenous.

Kate and Tavis are serving as ordained clergy through the Anglican Church in Katherine, assisting Indigenous Christians as they establish Kriol-speaking urban ministries. They are also working to support remote church leaders in southeast Arnhem Land communities.