Church Facilities For Hire

Parish Hall (to left of Main Church)
Hall with toilets/ Kitchen facilities, crockery/cutlery, domestic fridge and double door glass front commercial fridge, gas stove & oven, commercial dishwasher and vegetable/soup bain marie, pie warmer. Seating/tables for up to 130 or more including stage area.

Maxfield Hall ( behind main church via Francis Ave) small hall containing 1 unisex toilet, a small domestic 4 burner electric stove and oven, some cutlery/crockery and seating for approx 20 but could be increased upon request) 

Meeting Room( internally located in Church building) a small room containing TV/DVD player, coffee making facilities only, attached toilets and tables/seating for approx 16 plus more if requested.

1 Office (internally located in Church Building) a small office containing desk, seating room for 2- 4 persons – coffee making facilities/toilets attached nearby

All facilities are available at discretion of the parish council with fees and bonds obtainable via the PDF links below or as per further enquiry for special arrangements


Dear regular hirers of the halls of Christ Church,

In these past few years many of the utilities costs have increased.  Most of the burden of these increases has been borne by the church.  Most of our hall users are paying fees that date back to well before 2015; and some hall users have not had an increase in hall hire fees for more than ten years.

From 1st August 2018, we are implementing our “2018” fee schedule as below.

Hall Hire:    Parish Hall: $100 for the first three hours, and then $25/hour for further time.  (with a “daily cap” of $200 for the day)

Maxfield Hall: $35 for the first three hours, and then $10/hour for further time  (with a daily cap of $75 for the day)

Meeting Room: $35 for the first three hours, and then $10/hour for further time.(with a daily cap of $75 for the day)

1 Office : $37.50 for first three hours, and then $10/hour for further time. ( with a daily cap of $75 for the day)

If the implementation of these fees will cause undue hardship, we welcome a discussion. Please come and talk to the Office Administrator, Rhiannon Dowding, or to the Rector, Rev. Dean Spalding.  It is our intention from here on to have very small incremental increases, yearly, in line with CPI and the increases in utility charges.

Yours faithfully,

Rev. Dean Spalding

For further details, please contact the parish office or view and print the PDF documents where you will find costs and application form via link here   

Hall Hire Application and Information Sept 2018

Hall hire financial form 2018

Hall Hire Finance Form Larger print 2018