The Republic of Suriname lies in the northeastern part of South America. Suriname is named after the Surinen tribe, one of the indigenous peoples of the land. Suriname is part of the Guianas, an ecological region within the Amazon. There are 715 species of birds. The giant sea turtles flock to sandy beaches like Galibi and Matapica, to lay their eggs. There are many orchids and over 60 species of heliconias (lobster claw flower). The National flower is the ‘fajalobi’ (passionate love). The country has approximately 540,000 inhabitants. We have a multi ethnic population consisting of indigenous peoples, African descendants (Creoles and Maroons) and also Asian descendants (Hindustani, Javanese and Chinese people), and European descendants. Sranan tongue was the language used among the slaves. Now, it is the language spoken among the different ethnic groups. The official language is Dutch, a remnant from the last colonizer of Suriname.

Political history:
After Columbus arrived in America in 1492, there was an influx of Europeans to the ‘New World’, particularly from Spain and Portugal, in search of the Gold Coast. Subsequently, the country was captured by the French, the English, the Zealanders and the Netherlands for short periods of time. The English ruled Suriname from 1651 to 1667, but as a result of the war between the Netherlands and England, Suriname was exchanged by New Amsterdam (presently New York, USA), a Dutch settlement at the time. Since then, Suriname was a Dutch colony until its independence in 1975. In 1948, Suriname achieved self-government, under the supervision and control of Netherlands. On November 25th, 1975 after much diplomatic negotiation Netherland agreed to give Suriname full independence. Its first President was also the last Governor of the self-government period, J. Ferriër. A Prime Minister, Henck Arron, stood at the head of the  Government. A military coup d’état in 1980 changed the political system. The president and ministers were selected by the military. Until the end of military government in 1987, the Constitution has been put aside. Now based on the new Constitution, democratic elections have been restored and the head of government is an executive president.

The Crossing Drop In Centre Bible Study Term 1 2018- ‘Getting to know God Better’ starting Tues 6th Feb 9.30am x 7 sessions

Studies will be held at The Crossing Drop In Centre @ 134a Princes Way Drouin ( next to Drouin Library) followed by discussion and morning tea ( 9.30am- 11.30am)

a seven week DVD study series by Dr. Tony Evans a pastor at Oak Cliff Fellowship in Dallas USA

( there may be variations in weekly delivery of material due to seasonal events/holidays and commitments)



MONTHLY MOVIE NIGHT@ Christ Church Drouin (2nd Thursday of Month)

starting again from April 12th 2018 on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 7pm our monthly adult /young adults movie nights will show a range of mixed titles ( which have been received public viewing approval) in our worship space on the big screen.

bring family, friends or just yourself to enjoy a snack and great movie with company and supper afterwards. cost by donation to mission funds and to cover snack cost but BYO is most welcome

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HEALING AND PRAYER – the Order of St Luke- 3rd Wednesday of Month 2pm Drouin

 A group from Drouin and Warragul has been meeting monthly to discuss, study and pray with a view to growing this ministry within our local churches. As Victorian chaplain for the Order of
St Luke I have been facilitating this group and meetings are open to all interested people. 



As Victorian chaplain for the Order of St Luke I have been facilitating this group and meetings are held monthly at Christ Church Drouin and are open to all interested people. Healing ministry is already a part of the ministry in many churches and is encouraged by our bishop, Kay Goldsworthy.


under auspices of Order of St Luke (OSL)—non-Eucharistic (with cooperation of Warragul Anglican Church) this will be a time of worship  and reflection, and prayer will be offered to all who seek it for themselves or for others . . (please note that it is important that prayer offered for others at this service (as in church services generally) be offered with the knowledge and approval of those people . .)   any enquiries may be made to myself on 0427 460 485.

-Rev’d Lloyd George, Chaplain, The Order of St Luke the Physician